Consulting: Data Analysis, Statistics, R Programming

Our technical and scientific services are directed by owner/operator Nissim Kaufmann (PhD, SUNY Albany, 2012 and experienced college/HS instructor) who has a unique variety of skills.

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Technical Skills

Statistics / Bayesian Statistics

Research and Design; Data Collection, Cleaning and Management

Data Analysis, Summarization, and Visualization

Mathematics, Fisher Information, Kullback Divergence, Differential Geometry

R (statistical suite)


Gephi (graph plotting; network plotting)

Regex (regular expressions)

Linux/Windows; multiple-boot setups; GParted partition editing

Linux lost login password recovery

Computer hardware

Minor metal die casting

Various repairwork


Translation and Editing Services

Native English speaker with excellent grammar and diction (92%ile on GRE Verbal).

Experienced book and newspaper editor.

Hebrew/Aramaic, Russian/Slovak, Yiddish/German, Chinese, Spanish